Undergraduate Courses

Field Research Methods for Politics and Development

Study Abroad in Malawi

Over four weeks in Malawi, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct high-quality social science research in a developing country context.

African Politics

An introductory survey of Sub-Saharan African politics from the pre-colonial period to the contemporary era.

The Politics of Belonging: Nationalism and Ethnicity

Drawing on theories from political science, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and economics, this course covers the origins and characteristics of ethnicity and nationalism, as well as their political consequences.

Democratic Erosion

Honors Seminar

This course explores the causes and consequences of democratic erosion in comparative and historical perspective, with a focus on better understanding American democracy.

Native American Politics

This course covers the diversity of political structures designed by Native Americans, their dynamic relationships with the US government, and salient contemporary issues in Native American politics.

Graduate Courses

Field Research Methods

This seminar introduces various field methods for developing and testing theories in the social sciences.

Theories of Comparative Politics

This course covers the role of culture and identity in shaping political outcomes; the challenges inherent to collective action and social movements; and the nature of state institutions and state-society relations.